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  • Hammond T-Series Key Contacts

    Hi guys I was just wondering is there any way at all to get hold of the bronze contact springs that go underneath the keys in a Hammond? And how to reattach the resistive wires to them? Its really annoying my new T-202 has two sets of broken contacts (2 keys basically), I found out when I was cleaning the busbars.

    Thanks a lot, I just really need a few.

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    I think I've got some tucked somewhere, I'll have to go on a hunt. I'm in New Zealand though!
    Don't worry about reattaching the resistance wires, just solder a plain 16 ohm resistor to the contact (eg like this: https://organforum.com/forums/forum/...441#post205441) and run a bit of fine enamel coated wire to the related spot on the contact strip behind the keyboard. I'm out of touch but I remember there being documentation of which tone is on each lug on the strip somewhere...
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      I have a small stash as well. PM me!
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