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Transporting a Lowrey Jamboree M-300

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  • Transporting a Lowrey Jamboree M-300

    Hi all, I just found a free Lowrey-300 online, but I am only able to transport it on its back in a compact van. How lovely am I to arrive at my destination an hour later with an intact organ?

    I appreciate any input.


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    Welcome to the Forum. As long as everything is intact inside, you're likely to arrive with an intact organ. Others can discuss the finer points of transporting the organ on its back vs. upright.

    Best with the move.


    P.S. I've deleted your duplicate post.
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      I haul organs on their backs in my Dodge Caravan pretty often. And it works real well. Just like a small enclosed truck, but with the fuel mileage of a car. Just lay it down on the rear bumper and slide it in. Depending on your door latch style, you may want to cover it with a blanket so you don't gouge up the back of the organ.

      Largest I have hauled in mine is a Baldwin 626 church organ ( so far ). All of my rear seats are long gone, so I don't need to fool around removing them when I need to move something. Mini vans are real useful for musical people !
      Regards, Larry

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        There's nothing likely to come adrift in a Jamboree so putting it on its back for transport is OK. If it has a roll top, then either leave it in the open position or close it and fasten it with gaffer tape.

        When you get it home, if you find anything not working, then open up the organ and check that none of the inter-board plugs and cables have worked loose.
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