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Kimball Camelot L200

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  • Kimball Camelot L200

    So I've been looking at the organs in my area, and one of them happens to be a Kimball Camelot. (The others include a smaller Lowrey and a Baldwin fun machine. Nothing really worth getting.)

    So does anybody have any information about the Camelot?
    I know it's a somewhat higher Kimball model, but other than that I'm pretty much clueless. The listing says that everything works,

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    The Camelot is a higher end Kimball, as you say. It dates from 1978. Decent specification and a solid, theatre organ-ish based sound. You get some OK solo voices and 'Cascading Strings', so you can do some orchestral stuff on it as well as organ. Way overpriced (at least in the UK) for what it had back then. Big piece of very solid furniture.

    'Everything works'. You know that you have to treat that with a large pinch of salt! Many sellers are also clueless. And at 40 years old, there may be some TLC required internally.
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      I'm sure their "Everything Works" is most likely "It turns on and the keys make noises", so if I do decide to get it I'll have to check pretty much everything. It looks really heavy, does anybody know the weight of it?